We consider the environment.

Green nature, environment, and our technology


The taste and style of food
come alive with the technology of Costimo.

Costimo is a company that researches the quality of food.

We pursue the safety and convenience
of users with Costimo's technology.

Users research only the menus that customers want.
Costimo is responsible for cooking quality.


Costimo's new model

Introducing the lineup of COSTIMO4

  • 6 Trays

  • 12 Trays

  • 20 Trays

  • 24 Trays

  • 40 Trays

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비디오 썸네일
회사 사진


We lead the future of commercial culinary environments to improve human food quality.

Our Mission
Our customers are all of humanity who encounters food cooked in commercial kitchens. Humanity has a desire to have access to better quality food outside the home. It satisfies the desires of all mankind, including members themselves and their families. Our Core Value The pursuit of safety and convenience for users is the most basic criterion for judgment. All decisions are made once more and judged from the customer's point of view. As the capabilities of the members are strengthened, the customer is closer to happiness.



We will always change and evolve through continuous technology development and
customer satisfaction management.

대통령 산업포장 수훈

Industrial Service Medal from the President

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