효신 로고
  • Corporate Identity

    COSTIMO is a compound word of "COREAN+HESTIA+STEAM+OVEN".
    This means that anyone can become a culinary master by using a combi steamer from Costimo,
    a representative Korean company.
    Hestia is the goddess of fire in ancient Greek mythology, and was worshiped as the guardian deity of the family. CI DOWNLOAD 이동

  • Color

    Main Color
    효신 컬러
    • COSTIMO Red
    • Pantone 200C
    • C20 M100 Y90 K0 R201 G36 B52
    Sub Color
    효신 서브컬러
    • COSTIMO Gray
    • Pantone coolgray 6C
    효신 서브컬러
    • COSTIMO Black
    • Pantone black C
    효신 서브컬러
    • COSTIMO Silver
    • Pantone 877C
    효신 서브컬러
    • COSTIMO Gold
    • Pantone 872C